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The North Lanark Historical Society hosted a genealogy workshop on:
    Wed, Thurs & Fri,     Nov 21, 22 & 23, 2012     from 2 to 4 pm     at the Museum

The workshop was advertised as follows.

Who should attend.
The workshop is intended for people who wish to begin building a family tree, or who wish to take advantage of the sources and services on the internet.
For people who have considerable experience already, the workshop will provide a refresher, a discussion of current on-line resources, and some research assistance.
There will be a review of alternative approaches so that participants can be confident they will not be faced with the need to repeat any work later.

The format of the workshop will be as follows.
Wed Nov 21.  2 to 4 pm      Overview of Genealogy    by Bob Butler and Brian Tackaberry
The overview will include:
- Different Reasons to work on your family tree, and how that effects your approach.
- The Pros and Cons of building your family tree on the internet.
- Alternate Internet Genealogy Services - To search for info and to build on line trees.
- The Need for Documentation - A Loyalist Example
- Major sources of information
- Demonstrations with Ancestry and Family Tree Maker

Thurs & Fri, Nov 22 & 23,     2 to 4 pm      Getting Started On Your Own Family Tree
Demonstration of starting a new tree, using data from workshop participants if available.
Workshop participants who bring their own computer with WiFi capability will be able connect to Ancestry and start their own tree.
You will be also be able to work on your own tree at home for the duration of the workshop.
If you will be using your own computer, we recommend you purchase a copy of Family Tree Maker 2012 with synchronization capability.
(Available from Global Genealogy for $39.95 + taxes & shipping)
Two computers will be provided by the Museum to be shared among the attendees.
Bob & Brian will be available to provide individual assistance sources or computer techniques.

Instructor's Qualifications
Both instructors have been working steadily on Genealogy for many years, starting during the "bad old days" when microfilms etc were a primary source of info.
Brian is a member of the OGS (Ontario Genealogical Society), the president of the Bay of Quinte Branch of the United Empire Loyalists, and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.
Bob has particated in the OGS CSIG (Computer Special Interest Group) for several years and provided research room support at Ottawa OGS and BIFHSGO conferences. (British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa).   You can review some of his work on his web site: R.E. Butler - Genealogy

$10 per person for each day attended. $25 for all 3 days.

Please register with Sarah at the North Lanark Regional Museum     613-257-8503
Or email:    with your name, phone number, and dates you plan to attend.

Possible Future workshops
If there is sufficient interest, other workshops will be held in the future, possibly in the evening.
Please send an email to indicate the dates and times that would be suitable for yourself.

For more information, please refer to the more detailed description below.


The overview will include:

  - Reasons to work on your family tree
      o Where did you come from?
      o What kind of reports can be produced? … See below
      o Legacy for your children
      o Contacts with distant cousins
      o Travel Interest

  - Major sources of information
      o Family records from your shoebox.
      o Birth Marriage & Death records, Baptisms, Gravestones
      o Census records, voters lists
      o Military enlistment records
      o Genealogy web sites
      o Other family trees, if sources are documented

  - The Pros and Cons of building your family tree on the internet
      o Efficiency, Quality, Public and Private information, Backups

  - Alternate Internet Services - To search for info and to build on line trees
      o Ancestry & Family Tree Maker
      o findmypast
      o Others

  - Demonstrations with Ancestry & Family Tree Maker
      o Ancestry will provide free access for instructor and students during the workshop

Sample Genealogy Reports for the Cannon Family of Almonte

Immediate Family Family View - 1 page
Family Reunion List Outline Descendant Report - 5 pages
Descendant Details Detailed Descendant Report - 53 pages
Ancestor Tabulation Pedigree Chart - 1 page
How are we related? Relationship Chart - 1 page

Genealogy Workshop Registration Form.

There is no Workshop currently scheduled.
Please contact the museum if you would like to suggest a date for another workshop.