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The North Lanark Historical Society will host its fourth genealogy workshop on:
    Tues, Thurs & Fri afternoons, and Sat morning,     Nov 17, 19, 20 & 21,  2015
        - Afternoon sessions from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.
        - Saturday session  from 9:30 am until noon.

         The 2015 Workshop will include online genealogy and DNA testing as in 2014.

Who should attend.

Workshop Format
Basic Pedigree Chart
Tues Nov 17,  2 to 4 pm        - Overview of Genealogy Part I
                                                - Getting Started on Your Own Family Tree

Wed Nov 18                           - Working on Your Own Family Tree at Home

Thurs Nov 19,  2 to 4 pm     - Overview of Genealogy Part II
                                               - Working on Your Own Family Tree

Fri, Nov 20,     2 to 4 pm       - Working On Your Own Family Tree

Shared DNA Sat, Nov 21,     9:30 am until noon     - DNA Testing for Genealogy

        For a copy of the paper with the 2014 DNA presentation slides
            and explanatory text,     Click Here

Instructor's Qualifications

Presentations will be made by Bob Butler and Brian Tackaberry.
Both have been working steadily on Genealogy for many years, starting during the "bad old days" when microfilms etc were a primary source of info.

Brian is a member of the OGS (Ontario Genealogical Society), the president of the Bay of Quinte Branch of the United Empire Loyalists, and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.
Brian has recently co-authored a book "The Lost Generation of Mississippi Mills: WW1 Casualties".

Bob has particated in the OGS CSIG (Computer Special Interest Group) for several years and provided research room support at Ottawa OGS and BIFHSGO conferences. (British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa).   You can review some of his work on his web site: R.E. Butler - Genealogy

$15 per person for each day attended. $50 for all 4 days.


Please complete and submit the registration form below, or,
   telephone Melissa at the North Lanark Regional Museum     613-257-8503

Genealogy Workshop Registration Form.
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Do you alredy have an Ancestry account?         Yes       No

Please list main countries of research:

Any Additional Comments or Questions?

Sample Genealogy Reports for the Cannon Family of Almonte
Immediate Family Family View - 1 page
Family Reunion List Outline Descendant Report - 5 pages
Descendant Details Detailed Descendant Report - 53 pages
Ancestor Tabulation Pedigree Chart - 1 page
How are we related? Relationship Chart - 1 page