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Original Crown Land Patent for Properties on Hillcrest Drive in Appleton

 A.    Legal Definition of Property Location

           Historical Map of 1880

Ramsay Township Appleton - 1880 Map

The historical map was extracted from the Lanark County Atlas, H. Belden & Co, 1880.
( It is available on line from The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project )

It shows that Ramsay Concession X includes all the land between Appleton and the Appleton Side road.

Lot 4 of Concession X is NW of River Road.

The SE corner of Lot 4, Concession X was occupied by Thomas Hart in 1880, and is the location of the North Lanark Regional Museum today.

However, Hillcrest Drive is not shown, and the dividing line between the E and W halves of Lot 4 is not clear.

           Recent Map of 2002

Ramsay Township Appleton - 2002 Map

This recent map was prepared by the Mississippi Mills building department in 2002.

It shows the boundary between E & W halves, and confirms that all the properties on Hillcrest Drive, and a few on River Road are on the East half of Lot 4.

  B.   Crown Land Patent

A copy of the original crown land patent for the E half of Lot 4, Concession X is available here. pdf icon

(Certified copies of the orignal patents for both the E and W halves of Lot 4, Concession X are in the possession of the
North Lanark Historical Society and can be viewed at the North Lanark Regional Museum in Appleton.)

The crown granted full rights of ownership, except for gold or silver mines, and white pines.
These rights of ownership have been passed down to all the properties within this original patent area.

There is some controversy over the use of these land patents for current legal purposes.
The position of the Ontario Government is here
And the position of the Ontario Land Owners Association is here